By Alan Green, Jennifer Au and Tracy Pejsa

There are many diseases seen in veterinary medicine that are not frequently discussed. In this edition, we see how profound an impact the combination of excellent diagnostics and expert rehabilitation capability can have on outcomes. Dr. Jennifer Au is CVRC’s lead surgeon and one of only a few board certified specialists in sports medicine and rehabilitation in the region. Tracy Pejsa is a licensed veterinary technician and certified in veterinary rehabilitation. Along with others on their team, they have made CVRCs departments of surgery and rehabilitation among the best in the country. They are this months guest authors.

By Alan Green and Lisa Olsen

It is interesting that different species metabolize substances in various ways. Sometimes, what is a treat in one species can be lethal in another. This is certainly the case for the artificial sweetener Xylitol. This month’s guest contributor is Dr. Lisa Olsen. Dr. Olsen, one of CVRC’s critical care specialists, writes about a very important topic in pets — xylitol poisoning.

By Alan Green and Krista DeRespino

It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. We hope this year has been a good one for your families and your pets. On behalf of the entire staff at CVRC, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Dr. Krista DeRespino gives us some advice on making sure your pets stay happy and healthy during the holidays.

By Gavin Olsen

“Preventive medicine,” a term that most people find synonymous with vaccination, involves much more. Of course, vaccination is a large aspect of preventive medicine, but physical examination, routine lab work and other types of disease prevention are included.

By Alan Green and Lisa Olsen

Emergencies can come in any form. Here in the Lowcountry, with the recent visit of Hurricane Matthew, we are reminded that these emergencies affect not only us, but also our family members both two legged and four legged. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that all members of the family remain safe the next time Mother Nature strikes.

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