By DeWitt Zemp


Since my last article we have seen an amazing year in American politics. It has seemed like a return to my political science professor’s university course in politics 101, “the remix.”

The Advocate  

By Jay Williams, Jr.

Those magazine accolades aside, Charleston is struggling.

Charleston is beautiful. It’s historic. The locals are friendly, the restaurants are amazing and the ambiance is charming. Yet for residents battling flooding, traffic, tourists and short-term rentals, the charm is fading.

We challenged five well-informed, engaged residents to think differently and offer real solutions to pivotal issues. You’ll find a common thread:

By Lachlan McIntosh

Buoyed by Democratic wins around the country including in red states like Oklahoma, South Carolina Democrats are showing signs of life for the first time in years.

By Stuart Kaufman

On Wednesday, December 6, President Donald Trump changed the rules that have governed diplomatic relations in the Middle East. On that day, he (drum roll) stated the obvious: President Donald John Trump acknowledged on behalf of most of the United States government (State Department apparently excluded) that Jerusalem actually is the capital of the state of Israel, as the state of Israel has insisted since its modern inception in 1948. Why is this such a big deal? Every one of the other 192 members of the United Nations has had no difficulty in having the capitals that they have designated recognized as such. Why has Jerusalem alone been set aside as the capital of a sovereign nation as that nation has insisted?

By Stuart Kaufman

We are in a phase in our national existence that is the reverse of the natural progression from infancy to adulthood. In the proper and normal course of development, a person grows from total dependency into a functioning, self-reliant individual who accepts personal responsibility for all aspects of his life. However, in today’s United States, too many of our people actively seek the identity of “victims.” In modern American culture, the status of “victim” conveys an aura of moral superiority. If one achieves the status of “victim,” it opens a gift box of privilege.

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